Why Teresa Carries an Emergency Bikini in Winter

Why Teresa Carries an Emergency Bikini in Winter

Seriously, almost every day I am leaving the house with a bikini set in my awesome camo Andi Bag, because during winter time it’s easy for the body to get run down.  And the best cure for that is a trip to a spa or bath house..

So I carry around a bikini set (usually one by Estuaries NY) just in case I suddenly feel like I need to go sweat it out in a sauna.   And why not?  It’s not like a bikini really weighs anything and it’s  nice to always have hot sauna adventure as a  possibility for the day’s end.

So read below the two NYC sauna experiences I recommend to people.

I very much recommend to tourists that after a few days of intense walking around that you do some sauna and steam room time so that you give your body a nice rest and prevent being exhausted when you return home.



My two sauna, steam room, and cold bath recommendations for people are two very different experiences.


There’s the East Village Turkish Bath on 10th Street, which isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy enough, especially during the summer, when I can lay outside on a deck and be relaxed by the feeling of a breeze.    A lot of other people like the Wall Street Russian baths because they think they’re cleaner, but for me they’re too far away, and I generally don’t go to engage with people, so I don’t make any real judgements on the crowds at either places.

And then there’s the Great Jones Spa, which will only cost you an extra  $20 or $30  for a really nice ambiance that’s normally more relaxation.   You’ll feel like a goddess or god hanging around Great Jones Spa in nice, soft white robes munching on the complimentary walnuts while sipping herbal teas.    And all those worries will drift away as you lay on a lounge chair and listen to water falling or sit in the hot whirlpool.

My only issue with Great Jones is sometimes people don’t respect the tranquility provided and like to talk with their buddies, which makes me want a full refund.    My belief is Great Jones Spa should be a no talk place and if you want to talk then go to one of the russian baths.  My other issue with the Great Jones Spa is that they really need to improve the water pressure and shower heads, because I get more relaxation from my regular run of the mill shower at home.    But anyway, I’ve been to a few nice spas before, a Great Jones Spa is relatively reasonable and provides a nice experience.






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