Why an Ongoing Manifesto

I want Amé Amé to be  a brand and store that actually impacts the world positively in more ways than one.

I want to change the way people live so that they’re more fulfilled and happier.

I want to do so by influencing what they buy for themselves and for others and how they buy it.

And I want to influence the relationship people have with stores, brands, and the things they buy.

So writing a simple “about” page for Ame Ame is almost impossible.  For one thing, how do you describe you are an oak tree if you’re still just an acorn.

And thus I’ve decided that perhaps a blog stream of different “manifesto” ideas could be the means of sharing the ideas I have for the  benefit of Ame Ame’s customers and others

For those who want to just enjoy Ame Ame for the sake of fashion – I totally understand and that’s why there’s the style section =)

But otherwise , I believe authenticity is very important.  And so a public ongoing manifesto allows me to let people better understand why I sell the things I do and market the way I do.

I just hope that people who want to judge Ame Ame and me will remember that  just as important as authenticity is a willingness to be understanding, to forgive and to make amends.  If you aren’t willing to allow people to be human and make mistakes that allow them to grow, then how can you allow them to be authentic?

I say these things because I am trying to take the high road with my company.  And unfortunately when you try to be good people will want to crucify you when you blunder or just have a bad day or make a mistake.

But hopefully by sharing the ideas and ideals I hold for Amé Amé I will be able to create dialogue and connections with the people who want to help me achieve the many amazing things I want to achieve through Ame Ame to make a positive difference in the world.

-Teresa (no H)



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