About the Brass Tags

I would fight with somebody to the death to defend that I was the very first to make custom one of a kind and one off brass dog tags and charms with style, class,  branding, sentiment and all that jazz.

Like all great things there are bound to be copy-cats.  (Recently I took note of one jweler in an LA / Los Feliz stre who has beaten me to my plans of making molds of them for “gold” versions). But I’ll happily share with you 3K t 5K people who all knows I was the first on the fashion scene a couple years back with these.   And that nobody else makes them with the same love and care that me and my team do (yes, I know that probably bad grammar).

For the most part I still make all of the tags all by myself and my team just helps with the order processing.  But if I do have somebody help me to actually make them trust me I only choose very special people who can help put in the same love and care that I do, or come close to it…(let’s face it, no body can be me (or you) right?   :)   )

Also, at the moment I still cannot settle on the perfect packaging (or have the financial means to make the ideal perfect packagings, which can sometimes cost more than the actual product to make….seriously custom boxing is hella expensive).  But I’m also starting to come around to thinking maybe I can offer multiple packaging options because these charm tags are easily loved universally or can be loved as much as Nutella, but different packaging resonates with different people hence it’s good t have variety.

So please bare with us as while we keep evolving the packaging and if you have any feedback please be kind and gentle with such (as we have feelings and egos) but we’d truly love to have it.



T.A. & Co.