Where to Buy A Fox Umbrella In the US and in NYC

Where to Buy A Fox Umbrella In the US and in NYC

Fox Umbrellas truly are a work of wonderful craftsmanship.

Made in England, they are some of the finest, windproof (or at least ultra strong) umbrellas in the world.  And the men and women of English Fox Umbrellas have been perfecting the craft since 1868.

If you can’t get to England or London anytime soon to buy a Fox Umbrella, we stock Fox Framed Umbrellas through out the year and do special orders as well.

We focus on styles that the stylish, fashion conscious New Yorker wants.  These people appreciates clean lines so as not to steel the attention from the rest of one’s outfits, hence most of the Fox Frame Umbrellas we stock are the metal steel tube bodies with leather handles.

It can get a little confusing when comparing Fox frame Umbrellas sold at various stores in NYC.  The price is dictated by the material of the canopy, the material of the handles, the material of the shaft, and much more.  Prices range from $245 to $450.

And of course call us at 646-867-2342 for phone orders and delivery.  Or email xoxo@ameamegifts.com.  Our specialty is in real customer service, not eCommerce.





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