Where Is Teresa The Rain Gear and Candy Store Owner of NYC Is She Ok

Where Is Teresa “The Rain Gear and Candy Princess ” Is She Ok

Hi – this page is the only visible page for Love All Seasons right now while the rest of the site is private.

I decided the best thing to move forward was to really start with as much of a clean slate and total new beginnings as possible….something that’s very difficult for somebody like me; somebody who is a documentarist, artifact collector, and sentimentalist to say the very least.  Plus I didn’t want people (or myself even) to think there was no hope of Ame Ame every really coming back again in some for or another – and hopefully more like the way I alwasy dreamed of it really being like…because it only started to get close to the real dream before all that happened happened.

But having one page here as a general update for people who want to stay as connected as much as possible to the “girl” the once met and connected with at 9th street’s Ame Ame – Rain Gear & Candy boutique or at 29th street’s Ame Ame – Love All Season’s atelier, boutique and culture lab inspired by travel, then here’s a spot where I’ll do my best to keep people up to date on the latest.

Well shall see – hoping this will work to let me move forward.

As of right now the most important thing that has to happen is to find somebody who can loan me the money  I need to pay off outstanding debt to the credit card and banks – – a financial burden so large that it put me into what one could describe as major depression and paralysis for like 6 months and still has a grip on me.  Unfortunatley I can’t so easily declare bankruptcy which is what I wrongly thought I could possibly do and others suggested as well…..and when things are resolved perahps I’ll be able to find out from qualified professionals and share with the rest of you, what I should have to done to not get myself in this situation and what I had to do to get myself unraveled and free again.

Until then please just pray that America’s stock market and all the other stock market exchanges stay as strong as they are and get stronger, and that the  business leaders of our countries whether they are in line with or opposed to Trump actually do create more local jobs and a stronger American economy for everybody.  And that business leaders figure out ways to not lay off people and instead make even better opportunities and produce better products and services leveraging the people they are considering laying off.  We all need that.