When a Rainrap is Where It’s At

When a Rainrap is Where It’s At

At just $65, every woman who ever finds her self at a stylish rooftop party should own a Rainrap.

Lightweight and far easier to fit into a bag than a cardigan, Rainraps will help you out when it’s raining but all you really need is a little bit of cover up and maybe a rain hat.

They also make for nice cover ups if it’s raining heavier and you no need a little more than just an umbrella….especially when it’s humid rain and any other cover up will just cause you to sweat majorly.

How did i discover Rainraps?  Why of course in a lingerie shop in a cute little vacation town.   Well the lingerie shop actually makes sense, because Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, and her team chose Rainraps as a Leg Up Winner.

Last but not least, since these are one size fits and flatters almost every woman, these are great gift items.   (There’s also a long version)





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