What is a Tartan

Tartan is an every day love at Amé Amé.

From tartan lined Barbour jackets and English made tartan Fox umbrellas to the ribbon we often tie up gift boxes with and the choice of table cloth we often pick  for our displays, tartan and plaids are  a part of the Amé Amé style.

But many people don’t know what a tartan is.

From our point of view tartan is simply what Americans call plaid.  Though some folks say tartans are a specific kind of plaid that have horizontal and vertical symmetry.


Barbour's Blue Dress Tartan.

Barbour’s Blue Dress Tartan.



Four Clan Tartan Umbrellas made in England by Fox Umbrellas. From left to right the names of the tartans are Buchanan, Dress Gordon, Stewart and Colquhoun.  And yes, you can buy these tartan plaid umbrellas from Ame Ame any other styles as well.



More tartans and plaids – loved by both women and men.





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