Typed By Teresa (No “H”)

Typed By Teresa (No “H”)

People love the antique typewriters we have as props around the Amé Amé store.

And recently, I brought in a very special working green Olympia SM 3 to create Typed By Teresa (No “H”)  Cards and Gifts.



Each card is unique, with no perfect centering, and I generally leave any type-corrections I have to make because it makes them real and personal.

Every typed card is matched with a gift. And every gift is meant to be like a lucky charm, and remind the person of the card’s message every time they see or use the gift.



For $15 you can type your own card or email me a quote or message to type.








Please visit TypeWriter Review if you’re into typer writers. That’s where the awesome Olympia SM3 photo comes from.


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