Twill Travel Tray from Filson – OMG So Sensible

Twill Travel Tray from Filson – OMG So Sensible

At first I was like “What ordinary guy really needs or will use a travel tray?”

Then it suddenly hit me, it’s any and every dude who wears a watch, wears a wedding band or college ring, does the sexy cuff link thing sometimes,  or even just wears a pair of glasses.

Imagine you’re traveling.  Imagine all the hotel room furniture that seems to kind of act like black holes for whatever reason.  You know what I mean.  It’s like the furniture is so polished that all light reflects off of it so you  can’t easily distinguish where your things are.    Or maybe it’s just you’re so distracted by the unoriginal (often ugly) paintings and tacky bed spread.  And the room is so foreign that reading glasses look like a remote control when laying on the table

It then becomes very easy for a man to forget these important things when rushed to leave.

But if he has a nice travel tray, and keeps his important things in them, it’s far less difficult to forget them.

Plus what cleaning maid is going to dare think she can get away with steeling a whole travel tray of goods.

Last but not least at $26, this makes for a really affordable yet very classy gift!  So support your favorite small boutique and get one for every man in your life this year!

Filson Twill Travel Tray in Tan and Otter Green





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