TimeOut Best Store Flatiron / Gramercy / USQ

TimeOut Best Store Flatiron / Gramercy / USQ

We need your help!

Please visit TimeOut and vote for Amé Amé as the best store in Flatiron / Gramercy / Union Square  http://bit.ly/1tpPDDU

It’s such an honor to be listed amongst ABC Home, Dover Street Market, and Fishs Eddy.

Your vote could surely help us win.

Back a few years ago we won an ODesk competition because fans of Amé Amé helped us win a graphic design competition.

But this time it’s super important.

Vote Ame ame as Time Out's best store in New York City's  flatiron /gramercy / union square area.

Vote Ame ame as Time Out’s best store in New York City’s flatiron /gramercy / union square area.


We still need a lot more people to know about Amé Amé’s new location and expanded offering if we’re going to truly survive .

And since being listed as a best store by TimeOut is a big deal, you can imagine how promising it would be to win.

By being listed other publications will be more interested and intrigued to write a story about Amé Amé which will mean even more people know about and visiting Amé Amé.


So please please please vote!  http://bit.ly/1tpPDDU

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