Three Easy Gifts $20 to $69

Three Easy Gifts $20 to $69

If you’re in a rush or don’t have a lot of time to figure out what to get somebody this holiday, you can’t go wrong with one of our Lucky Duck Umbrellas ($29-$39 each) or a Glass Carafe of Chocolate Rain ($49 – $69 each) or a Charming Future Key Charm or Necklace ($20 to $49 each, with options for custom)


Lucky Duck Umbrellas remember-you-are-a-lucky-duckRed, Orange, Yellow, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Teal, and Yellow are options you have if you want a basic colored Lucky Duck Umbrella for $29.

Otherwise, the Camo Lucky Duck Umbrellas are regularly $39 each and in December come with a bonus gift, a Charming Future umbrella charm that can be used as key charm and that says “Be Somebody’s Hero.”  (The charms are normally $20 each).

Lucky Duck Attire & Umbrellas is a brand whose motto is “Luck Starts with Attitude.”

Plus the camo umbrella and the brand were made possible by the Indigogo campaign Amé Amé friends supported when we were still in the East Village.

Please call us at 646-867-2342 if you need us to ship one of these two you. Free shipping when you buy 3 more.


Our beliefs are our strengths, and Charming Future Key Charms are the perfect gift for dreams, change makers, and people who need encouragement or inspiration.  (Hmmm, doesn’t that encompass everybody?)

Starting at $20 for a key charm or $25 for custom made charms, you can also add other Charming Future gifts items like a “Dream Feather” and make a dream kit or box of surprises.

We also have special charms at this time of year with pretty ribbon so that they can be hung on trees as ornaments.


Make a Custom Charming Future key tag an extra special gift by give one with a Masu Box. $35 for the duo plus the moss! ($45 value if bought separately). Masu Boxes are traditionally given in Japan to wish somebody health, happiness, and prosperity, and make for wonderful, stylish, elegant containers. Keep near the door so you don’t lose time looking for keys. Keep on your desk to organize business cards. Keep on your boudoir to not lose things like rings and cufflinks or to empty change.

Charming Future Key Charms




If you haven’t ever tasted Amé Amé’s chocolate then you have been missing out.  Whether dark or milk, many people tell us we have the best chocolate almonds and the best malt balls.

And then if you want to go really fancy, our red velvet cherries, our chocolate covered blue berries, and our special pecans and special wallnuts are divinely perfect for the holidays.

We’re also starting to do special gift boxes.   Call or email us for more information.


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