Things I Love Doing at Ame Ame in the Fall – Part I

Things I Love Doing at Ame Ame in the Fall – Part I

Fall goes until December 22nd and for most retailers Fall is one of their busiest seasons.  And while I of course wish for a profitable season, I really only do Ame Ame out of love.  And these are some of things I love doing in Fall at Ame Ame.

I love helping men buy gifts for others.   Their sweethearts, their mothers, their secretaries, and other people they want to appreciate like their house cleaner or their tailors.

I love helping women who have a hard time buying gifts for themselves, find something and then later come back and tell me how many compliments they get.

I love helping everybody, men and women, find a jacket, coat, sweater, or vest, that will make them look sexy, as well as do their functional job and last  them many years if not a lifetime.

The same goes for helping people find special umbrellas, scarves, and other accessories.

And I love helping people bundle up tasty hostess gifts, like a bag of our maple peanut clusters.

These are some of the things I really love doing inside cozy Ame Ame, in the fall.






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