The Only Denim Teresa Has Worn in 2015 & 2014

The Only Denim Teresa Has Worn in 2015 & 2014

You almost always see me wearing a skirt or dress, and there are lots of reasons for that, which I”ll save for another story.

But I stand 110% behind the pants from The New Standard Edition.

The New Standard Edition is a local brand I discovered one snowy winter day when I was walking down the street and I stopped the founder Evan Josloff to ask him for a photo because I loved his jacket and his overall style.

We immediately became friends and then soon hosted a trunk show of his new pants line at Ame Ame.

The New Standard Edition's sexy model modeling a sexy Ame Ame umbrella, Teresa Soroka, founder of Ame ame, and Evan Josloff, founder of New Standard Edition showing men how they can wear sneakers and actually look styl'n.

From Left to Right:  The New Standard Edition’s model  looking extra sexy with an Ame Ame umbrella / / Teresa Soroka, founder of Ame Ame showing off Ame Ame’s leather travel booties by Naot in an H&M dress that needs some tayloring / / and Evan Josloff, founder of New Standard Edition showing men over the age of 30 how they can wear sneakers and actually look styl’n.


The line currently focuses on making for men,  but they’ve been such a hit with Ame Ame women as well.  And one family got everybody in the family a pair of pants (teens, dad, and mom)

I would say that The New Standard Edition thoughtful designs for  the 21st century man who is playful and still likes wearing a collard shirt and nice accessories like a tie or fedora hat.  And that’s why they make for such awesome travel pants.

And I just absolutely love the pair I snagged for myself.  The tappered legs are super flattering (ie I feel sexy when I’m wearing my New Standard Edition pants) while the slightly cargo upper style makes them perfect for the times I’m adventuring onto a cold plane or want to just rock a slight rebel style with my leather jaket.

Besides lots of cool cuts, Evan has really nailed down some awesome prints.

You know me I personally hate seeing anything awesome going on sale if it’s still in great condition, but with the New Standard Edition going on sale it’s even crazier, because already at full price they’re such a steel with the average price being $90 – $110.

But those that they have deep stock in and need to move so that they make possible Fall Winter Pants, you’ll get an amazing deal.

And for the last remaining pairs in their best styles, we just might have to do a live auction because their pants are so awesome people would pay at least $20 above retail price to make sure they’ve got a second pair of their favorites.  I know I would!


Photo Note:  Teresa Soroka, founder of Ame Ame, a store that offers more than just rain gear and candy, absolutely loves her camo tappered cargos







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