The Founder of Amé Amé

Lots of people think “Amé Amé” is the name of a person or that the store is pronounced “Amy Amy.”

But in reality the pronunciation of Amé Amé is ah-may ah-may (hence the accent marks), and in Japanese Amé can mean rain or it can man candy. And the combination of both “Amé – rain” and “Amé – candy” was the creation of me, Teresa Soroka the owner and founder.

And I say “me” because the reality is Amé Amé is pretty must still done all by me. Occasionally I find some great interns or part time help, but thus far I pretty much do everything, including the design and build of this website.

Yes it’s pretty crazy that on my own I’ve managed to not just open a boutique in NYC and keep it open for more than two years, but I’ve also recently managed to move the boutique into a much larger space, across the street from the front entrance of one of the coolest hotels in NYC, the Ace Hotel. But in the end, nothing is too crazy when you believe that all it takes is the ability to dream, believe, and take action.

Since it is just me, especially right now, the website sometimes takes a backseat to the 17 W. 29th street store, but in 2014 I intend to figure out how to make the online store offer a similar, enjoyable experience for people who can’t walk into Amé Amé.

If ever you have any great ideas as to how to make the online store awesome and feedback about what you’ve liked or didn’t quite like, please let me know! And I especially love knowing what kind of products you think I should add to the mix.

With 110% Heart,