The 2nd Flash Sunday Special

Sorry I didn’t post this earlier!  But there’s still plenty of time today to come on by for our Flash Sunday Special.

Just got a huge arrival of Filson bags and travel accessories  so today if you buy two or more Filson pieces, you’ll get the $26 travel tray from Filson as a gift!




Remember, I just did a story about why every Amé Amé kind of man could do with a Filson travel tray.

So why can you warrant buying two Filson things today?


Because you or your sweetheart probably needs a new men’s bag or backpack for work.  And since summer traveling is coming up, the Filson Travel Kit at $90 or the Filson Tote bag at $109 are easy sensible buys.

You might also want to buy a new men’s wallet at $109.

And yeah, you can even buy two Filson Travel Trays, and get a third free, all for stocking the gift closet.







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