Sunpockets & Persol

Sunpockets & Persol

Truthfully almost any man who wears Persol will get an instant mini crush from me.

Like these handsome Danes sitting outside of Amé Amé’s new NOMAD boutique (right across from Stumptown Coffee and Ace Hotel)

Maybe it’s the type of guy who buys Persol, but I really think its just the fact that I love great design.


But Sunpocket Sunglasses are the perfect alternative if you’re trying to save up for some Persol and still want quality sunglasses.

Or as one stylish customer made us realize, Sunpockets are great as affordable, quality sunglasses you want to take to the beach and not fear losing like a pair of Persol.

When I tried on Sunpockets outside because an early customer raved about the clarity, I was truly amazed at the difference between the $85 pair and my $25 and $5 pair.

Seriously – there’s a real difference between Sunpocket lenses and the impulse sunglasses you buy at stores like JCrew.

You’ve only got 1 pair of eyes, so treat them well and protect them from the UV Rays.

And if you like Instagram, the Sunpocket team is always taking some great photos 

We can’t wait for our new delivery to arrive this coming week!  Until then come by and try the ones we still have in stock.  


Teresa (no H)


sunpocket shades and good memories from the old shop

sunpocket shades and good memories from the old shop



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