Stylish Black Backpack for Back to School

Stylish Black Backpack for Back to School

Be sure to see the bottom for a Special Deal for Buying the Black Filson Rucksack from Amé Amé as a reward for supporting a small boutique!

The idea for Amé Amé started one rainy college day when Teresa got caught in a heavy down pour on her way to a chem lecture.

And sadly* she wasn’t carrying Filson’s Rucksack because the Filson Rucksack has a guard to shield the zipper from rain easily seeping through.

So if you regularly worry about rain getting through the zippers of your backpack and ruining your laptop and those expensive textbooks or how about artwork, your heartfelt journal, and your favorite copy of your favorite novel, then take a look at the Black Filson Rucksack to stylishly and sensibly start off going back to school.


* BTW, we’re not too sad Teresa didn’t have an umbrella or a great backpack to deal with surprise downpours, because if she had been prepared she might not have had the idea for Amé Amé!


So if you’re in NOMAD, Chelsea, or Flatiron, come shop for Filson and other great bags and umbrellas from Amé Amé at 17 W. 29th Street, New York, NY 10001  (646-867-2342)  And as a deal for finding and reading this blog, if you order online and paste the link of this blog into the comments of your order you’ll get the $49 Blunt XS umbrella (in black) as a gift with purchase.  Or just show us the blog posting when you come into the store and ask to see the backpack.

Windproof / Wind resistant Blunt XS Metro Umbrella  ($49)

Windproof / Wind resistant Blunt XS Metro Umbrella ($49)




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