Socks & Sandal Heels

Socks & Sandal Heels

You might have seen that the fashion world is encouraging women to boldly pair their fun socks with their heeled sandals.

And truthfully we think that with the right choices almost all women can make this trend work and it’s a great way to get further use out of your sandal heels like our $180 Naot Future Heels and our $12.50 Richer Poorer Socks or Happy Socks..

While you might think it’s now too cold in NYC for this trend, a lot of you are also going off to warm places for your Fall and Winter vacations.

And vacations, when you’re a stranger in a new place, are sometimes the perfect time to try out a new trend without worry of what others will think.






Love the silk Kimono?  It’s a great “cardigan”to be a little sexier and more festive this holiday season.  $249.  All silk.  Made in NYC.  Frances Smily.  Each one is unique.

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