Santa’s Filson Duffle Bag Special!

Santa’s Filson Duffle Bag Special!

We’re pretty sure that Santa has upgraded his toy bag to a lifetime guaranteed Filson Duffle Bag.

So from December 15th until December 22nd, if you buy a Filson Duffle Bag or Filson Medium Travel Bag (because let’s face it, it’s really just a fancier cousin of the duffle) , you’ll get 20% off whatever you fit into the bag.

Throw in another Fison bag.  Put in a Barbor jacket.  Fill it up with gifts you need for all of 2015.  Don’t be shy, fill her up and save big.

We’re bringing back this deal by popular demand.  Enjoy it now, or forever hold your peace and wait until Christmas in July.

Need to have this bag delivered and want to buy other goods?  Shoot us an email at along with your telephone number and we’ll get back to you.



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