Sale Special –  Naot Future

Sale Special – Naot Future

With 88 reviews on Zappos and not a single one less than 5 stars, and more importantly a rave review from the Amé Amé team how can you not come in to try them on and get them for 50% off when you buy any other pair of Naots!

This special will go on until end of August 2014.

Naot footwear – style Future – color – black raven – a leather sandal heel that’s perfect to pack because it can be casual and dressed up.  Super comfortable.  No other heel can take on city cobblestone like these!


Regularly $180 – but $90 if you buy another pair of Naots (price range is $120 – $210).


Like the $115 rain boots


Naot Rain Boots. Comes in black, metallic blue, and metallic purple / maroon. With the lace ups, they’re easier to tuck skinny jeans into and more comfortable for calves.


Or the leather Oxford Kedmas ($195) or Minstral ankle booties ($210) as show in the video of Amé Amé’s founder talking about our new Naot collection of leather shoes for comfortable travel from point A to point B, whether B is for Brooklyn or B is for Borneo.


Do see our online collection of Naot Footwear shoes that are ultra comfortable, made with great quality, and of course Amé Amé stylish!
By the way – if you do decide to do online shopping, just order the two pairs of Naot shoes you want. And then we will provide you the $90 credit when they ship.

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