Our Books are Charmed and Great For People Who Are Hard to Give a Gift To

Some people (or sadly many people) seem really hard to get gifts for because they’ve lost some of their hopes and dreams.

For these people I generally suggest a book.

Reading is like giving a  massage to the part of the brain that helps us dream.

So what kind of books does Amé Amé sell?

With the help our our Rainbows and Unicorns Rebel friends guiding some of our book choices we have an eclectic mix of titles, to inspire and encourage various dreams; as well as a mix of new books and “already loved” books.


great books stores in new york city

Some of you might have noticed these books before and wondered if they were for sale or just props or for reading while in the store. They’ve been in the store for people to enjoy, and they were also wonderful gifts to me from friends who wanted to make sure that even though I have the responsibility of a store I don’t lose my dream  of being one of the world’s greatest travelers as well as a poet and artist.  These books are now in a special section of the store so as not to be confused with books that are for sale.

Our “already loved” books are not just special because they have the magic that comes from already being read and enjoyed, they come all gifted up with tissue paper and ribbon along with some other bonus gifts, like enough chocolate or licorice to enjoy while reading a chapter.

And many of our new books have been signed with love by the author, such as some special copies of The Monopolists by Mary Pilon.







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