Open or Closed?  Open or Closed?

Open or Closed? Open or Closed?

Dear friends, people just in need of quick rain gear, and future friends reading Lonely Planet, TimeOut, New York Magazine or another smart publication that have written about us,

Yes yes yes, I know how confusing it is to figure out what Amé Amé’s hours are and some people read our emails as if we’re for sure shutting down.  

Google  and Yelp are part of the challenge because they make it difficult for us to detail our quirky hours.

However we are open right now for what it’s worth – I’m actually writing from the store.  So for October 3rd and 4th if you want to come get  some essential gear for the cold wet weather we’re having – then come on in between 12 & 7.

And for the most part we’re maintaining 12 to 7 as regular hours for October & November with some changes around Halloween & Thanksgiving.

However, we do ask that if you can please make an appointment to get fitted for outerwear , or at least on weekdays please do not come between 12 & 3, when we get busy with lunch time visitors popping in for gifts and candy.  And if on the weekend, then come before 3 when it’s usually more mellow.


Now about whether or not we are going to close and shut down our store or go out of business.

We did send out some warning emails this year.

For instance as spring 2015  was arriving we told people about the new Aigle Liberty Print Juliette Rain Boot and the new Miss Julie becoming a top setller but we also told them to come into the best place in NYC ( which also probably means the best place in all of North American) to get the best rain boots they’ll ever own because we were uncertain as to whether or not we were going to be able to continue to reorder and restock our broad selection of rain boots.

So we wanted people to not be surprised if down the road they would never have a chance to finally buy Amé Amé rain boots and get the most attentive and expert fitting experience in the entire world for anybody buying rubber wellies / galloshes /rain boots.

As it stands today, we still don’t know if we will continue selling rainboots, but for right now we still have a decent stock of Aigle and we can still special order Ilse Jacobsen boots.  And the reality is we either need Aigle’s CEO or head of US Sales to say they will support and collaborate with us or we need a private investor to lend us the capital needed to manage the unpredictable cash flow matters associated with stocking rainboots as well as storage matters.

Then I sent an email that said I would be closed in July and August.  As it turns out I was sporadically opened a few days in early July but then closed fully for 2 weeks as I went off to Russia to be inspired and enjoy time with my mom who seen very little of me over the past 4 years while I’ve been working nearly 7 days a week running Amé Amé.

But in the 2nd week of August we managed to open again, because Theodore, a dear friend of mine, said that he could help out by “babysitting” the store while he worked on other projects of his own.

Regarding a recent email that was sent with the subject header of “Too Much to Not Miss – Less then 2 months.” – – – some people took that email to also mean Amé Amé was closing.

What i meant for people to know or be reminded is that in NYC these days you don’t know if any small business will be open in 2 months or not.  There’s a good chance that your favorite small store will suddenly close down without warning, like with what happened with Sustainable NYC, and like with what happened with Amé Amé when we were in the East Village and what happened with Jill Anderson, So Hung, and so many other amazing stores ran buy wonderfully talented people who have a lot of creative passion and care to make people happy..

Amé Amé’s decision / need to close our 9th street location happened rapidly and within 1 month.

Now back to what’s happening on 29th street.  There are some different factors at play right now and I might very well have to make a very very very tough decision  to close the place after December 25th  even after all the hard work this summer of making our amazing “Emerald Cave of Wonders.”

But we are optimistic that the silver lining that we see hints of will become truly evident.


Teresa & Team Amé Amé

Ame Ame NYC Love All Seasons Cave of Wonders

Our Emerald Cave of Wonders if for discovering treasures from other times and around the world and for getting fitted for Wonderful Rain Boots and Wonderful Outwear.





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