Already Making Friends with Moscow People!

Already Making Friends with Moscow People!

Meet two of the people I’m already going to be meeting up with when I’m in Moscow.

They don’t know each other and they both came into Ame Ame yesterday!

Anna was trying to find Lelabo and instead stumbled into Ame Ame and became the first to buy our I Love New York But Also Moscow key tag.

Then Chad who is an American from Alaska and is teaching in Moscow came in to find the perfect waterproof yellow rain jacket (Barbour’s Yellow Trevose) as a birthday gift for his girlfriend.

And he too left with our Charming Future key tags.

Seriously  what’s the odd of these two lovely visitors from Moscow coming on the same day, and during the summer I’m going to be off to Russia?

I believe it’s all meant to be.  So stay tune as we share with you what Anna and Chad share as insider tips about Moscow.

Adventure & Celebrate,


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