Megerian Rugs  – a true gift for the home

Megerian Rugs – a true gift for the home

We are getting great response to the gorgeous, unique, fine quality Megerian carpets and rugs we have introduced to Amé Amé!

This is their own website if you’re interested.

But otherwise, visit us in store with a sense of what you’re looking for and the size, and we gaurantee you’ll fall in love with your carpet.

If you don’t like the carpet, we’ll accept return within 30 days*




While we have many wonderful options at 17 W. 29ht Street (Ame Ame), our selection is actually much larger as we can bring you to their special show room that’s generally open only to people of the trade.  But because of our special relationship with them we can take our loyal Ame Ame patrons to see their many wonderful collections!



Ame Ame NYC Love All Seasons Cave of Wonders


*  If you’re not 110% happy with the carpet or rug you select because it doesn’t quite work with the room you picked it out for or other parts of your home, we’ll accept returns within 30 days and return you the amount paid minus pick & delivery costs and minus any necessary cleaning costs.




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