Make Packing Easy and Maybe Fun

Make Packing Easy and Maybe Fun

Before I even started thinking about solving the problem of too many low quality, ugly umbrellas, I wanted to solve the problem of packing for a trip, especially for those who care about the way they look.

For most people its a stressful thing and it has gotten more stressful because of unpredictable climate change that can make one day crazy hot and the next day crazy cold with a chance for snow in the middle of summer. For people like me as well, who care about looking chic but also think with worry “Oh is this going to be comfortable?” or “oh, am I going to ruin this with the drippings of delicious stress food?” or “oh am I going to pack too much or too little?”  or “Oh, am i going to look too much like a tourist in this?” it can also be stressful.

And lets not forget the biggest stress – “how much can I carry onto an airplane.”

So I’m determined to bit by bit educate all of us (well at least women right now, including myself) on what are the ideal items to own and pack for travels, often times depending on where you’re going, what you’re doing, and of course the what season is.

Stay tune.

TeresaPhoto Credit:  I particularly love this image from a Louis Vuitton  ad campaign.  The first time I saw it was in a magazine and I tore out the page to hang at my door so that I see it every time I leave the house .  They called the campaign “spirit of travel” and it in deed captures my spirit.

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