Let the Adventures Begin

Let the Adventures Begin

With a new year, Amé Amé is transitioning to the new website domain – LoveAllSeasons.com



“Love All Seasons” because Amé Amé is about inspiring you to have fun every day of your life. To not let anything get you down. To not let rain, snow, scorching sun, or anything else stop you from making life a beautiful adventure.

That’s why we’re always saying at Amé Amé there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”

If you’re not dressed right for the weather, good luck having  an adventure, good luck having fun.

The whole point of Amé Amé originally caring about your rain gear was to help you have a great time when it rains and everybody else is cooping themselves inside.

But it doesn’t rain every day.  Some days there’s scorching hot sun, which I particularly don’t like because of the dangers of UV rays, and the discomfort of sweating.  And some days it’s frigid cold or snowy.    Rarely is the weather “just perfect,”   especially now that global climate change is having more of an impact on weather conditions.

Thus in 2014 I want to expand Amé Amé’s line of outerwear, footwear, and sensible accessories like umbrellas, bags, and scarves.  And I want to soon add a stylish, yet smart, ready to wear line….all “under the umbrella” of helping you to get outside, adventure and love all seasons (while looking good!).

And the whole point about candy? Well….it’s fun. it’s indulgent. it makes a great gift to others or yourself. it’s colorful and beautiful. it’s delicious. it goes well with a movie on a rainy day. it de-stresses. it makes you feel like a kid. it’s one of the few things (other than cookies and chicken nuggets (gross) ) that comes in the shape of dinosaurs…and it’s much more portable than ice cream and cake…get my point? =)

More importantly, candy and all other things carried like stationery, jewelry, neckties, etc. are not meant to be  impulse tschotchke items.  They’re meant to inspire the giving of a gift or the recording of your adventures.   The most important part of life’s adventures, are the people in it.  So appreciate them and always look back on fond memories.

So if you want to Love All Seasons and make your life a beautiful adventure, visit our store in New York City as often as possible, even just to try the daily sample and find out whenever updates to the blog and website happen by following Amé Amé on Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter

With 110% Heart,





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