Karaoke & Fried Chicken at Radio Star

Karaoke & Fried Chicken at Radio Star

There’s a world of people who still haven’t discovered how amazing and unique Korean Fried Chicken can be.

When done right, there’s something about the crispiness that’s really addictive whether plain or flavor enhanced with garlic, soy sauce, or some spice.

While often not as big in size as American Fried Chicken, there’s a lot more meatiness on a Korean fried chicken wing when compared to American buffalo wings.

Now some people will say BonChon is amazing.  I can’t really comment there.

But I have thoroughly enjoyed Korean Fried Chicken at Boka in the East Village and totally loved it when my blonde friend said with a mouth full of a drumstick “Man, White people are missing out on so much good food.”

Ironically my hunt for a reliable place for good fried chicken in K-town hasn’t been so easy.  Until I found RADIO STAR.  Most people think of KTown as being 32nd street, but it turns out on 35th street amongst some Irish pubs there’s a long standing Korean BBQ restaurant I was introduced to (and sadly can’t remember the name of) and Radio STar, where i had super delicious Korean Fried Chicken.

Furthermore, I really want to come back to Radio Star for a night of Karaoke because the place has a cool vibe due to the fact that its owner likes to collect vintage things, like radios.

So the next time you visit Ame Ame. perhaps come with a hunger for Korean fried chicken, and then venture northward just 6 streets to 3 West 35th Street, close to 5th Ave, for some fried chicken.  (You can eat the chicken at a Bar area and perhaps feel like you’re in Korea listening to others sing pop songs)






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