If She Loves Purses and Animal Prints

If She Loves Purses and Animal Prints

Yes men, most women love bags and it’s a love that starts almost as soon as we can start walking.

Whether or not we love animal prints is another story. But there’s a good bunch of stylish women who love Cheetah and leapord prints.

And if you’ve seen some item in your ladies closet that kind of looks like these Loeffler Randall cheetah  printed rain boots (which we so quickly sold out of during their limited season run) then we can pretty much guarantee you that she is going to be head over heels wild for this Loeffler Randall Medium Rider purse and believe you are (or have suddenly become) the best gift giver in the world.

Now at $595, we know that we have to convince you this is an awesome purse, but it seriously is.  It’s the kind of purse she’d feel guilty buying for herself, but animal prints really are classic, that this is something she’ll probably have for the rest of her life.

It’s a size that makes it a great purse for travel as well and having that stylish safari like look.



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