How to Know What Size Honns Gloves to Buy

How to Know What Size Honns Gloves to Buy

We were so excited to find the Honns Gloves at the Liberty Trade show in NYC this past January.

Great quality in terms of style, sensibility, and price point.

Ok, yes at $128 that’s still quite a bit of most of us in the middle class to spend, but when you compare to Hestra from Switzerland and many other stylish leather gloves, the price is quite reasonable for what you’re getting in a lambskin glove, with touch screen tips on the index and thumb, and nice ribbed WOOL cuffs that will help keep Jack Frost out.

So now that you’ve decided they’re worth the investment and also make a great gift, here’s a PDF that you should print out so that you can determine what’s the best sized glove to get.



Know that at first your Honns gloves should really “fit like a glove” and feel even a bit tight.  Over a little time the leather will soft, because leather naturally softens and stretches.

And click here to buy the Honns Oliver Gloves for Men or the matching Honns Selina Gloves for Women.

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