How to Commission Work

For most of my life I was a closeted artist.  So closeted I couldn’t even acknowledge it to myself that I was an artist and brushed off every compliment from art teachers, whose classes I took in school more because I had to fulfill certain requirements than because I wanted to do.  (Prior to college I was hard core focused on science and math in middle school and high school.  And now I better understand that I was hard core interested in everything but what I loved best in school was anything that was rigorous and extra challenging, which my art classes sadly were not.)

Because I also love the beauty of numbers and the beauty (ie the art) of business when it’s at its best, I thought that my only calling was to be an entrepreneur.

Then I did the entrepreneur and startup path.  And shit happened.  Lots of shit.  And awful (figurative) storms and tsunamis.  Most of which I couldn’t control or even foresee were going to happen or come.  (Nobody could).  But during those times I got pushed out of the artist closet.  I also got a whole lot closer to God, the Universe and even humanity.  I also discovered the many amazing things about meditation as a practice or just as a tool.

Anyway, I’ve sold a few pieces of my original works in the past, but I’m relaunching Love All Seasons so that I can truly start having my creations and art in homes, hotels, offices, lobbies, stores, and other specials places all around the world – including on people (like on their tshirts) and in their wallets and bags (hence the fashion and gift like items).  That’s the dream and hope I have with relauching Love All Seasons.

And hopefully by creating this site I’ll also build a supportive community of friends & new family who believe and support me as an artist.  (More to say on this later or just check out “About M.V. & T.A..)