How to Be a Caring Gift Giver This Christmas

How to Be a Caring Gift Giver This Christmas

I hope you’re having a cozy Sunday my friends and global citizens

It’s hard to believe the Season of Gift Giving has begun, and this year with all that’s happened in 2015 and even carried over from 2014, giving  meaningful gifts are more important than ever.

The magic of gifts is that they have the power to inspire or give hope and encouragement; to heal or rejuvenate; or help us remember good times and happy memories.

If you feel like you’re bad at gift giving, or that your gifts never get the reaction you want, take a moment and think about why you care for the person you’re giving a gift to and what are the dreams and hopes of that person.

And  maybe think about the struggles that person goes through or the sacrifices they make to achieve their dreams and hopes.

You then will have an easier time to find a wonderful gift for that person.

It might be easy to say that I’m an expert in being a caring gift giver because I was born on December 28th and most people like to think I get the short end of the stick because my birthday is so close to Christmas.

But the reality is I’m extra sensitive to what makes a gift awesome and what makes a gift just a “so so gift or even a bad gift” because God gave me the blessing to be an unbelievable dreamer.  I don’t just have countless ideas, I have dreams.

And the difference between giving a gift and giving “something” is that when you give a gift, you express your belief in somebody and or that you understand what they’re going through or what they want out of life.

And I thank  the people who love to give gifts and one day discovered Amé Amé because it’s them (and maybe you) who helped Amé Amé become better and more unique everyday by regularly coming back to buy gifts at Amé Amé.

I have so many dreams for what Amé Amé can be in the future.

So I hope it’s not too late to ask you to give me and my team the gift of buying almost all your gifts at or from Amé Amé this December.

And please bring your friends to Amé Amé to do their gift shopping.

Remember that last year we earned the wonderful Time Out Love New York Award of Best Store in Flatiron, Gramercy, and Union Square because we care so passionately about helping people enjoy shopping for gifts for all seasons and all reasons.

And getting to Amé Amé is super easy if you know how to get to Madison Square Park and Eatily or you know how to get to Herald Square.

So please come to Amé Amé this December or email with a list of the people you’re shopping for and a sense of your budget.   And if you’re in a rush, you can’t go wrong with one of our Lucky Duck Umbrellas ($29-$39 each) or a Glass Carafe of Chocolate Rain ($49 – $69 each) or a Charming Future Key Charm or Necklace ($20 to $49 each, with options for custom)

Teresa Alexandra
ps:  Yes, your right if you feel a different sense of optimism from me, compared to recent emails I’ve sent.  And I thank all the people who wouldn’t let me let go of my dreams for Amé Amé. One of the important dreams I have right now and believe in, is that Amé Amé will soon have a cafe within 17 W. 29th Street so that Amé Amé can give even better the gift of community.  And that by next year Amé Amé will also have a second store and community space, back in the East Village where Amé Amé first began.

ps ps:  We’ll be open 7 days a week from now until December 24th.

I also fully know how crazy life in NYC can be and how 29th street can seem like it’s in another state if you live in the East Village or another neighborhood.  And that’s why I’m doing late night hours at the store on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, during which we will be open until 10pm and making it a festive occasion with music and drinks that warm up and cheer up the spirit.

Here are the December Hours.

Mondays 11 – 10
Tuesdays – by appointment
Wednesdays 11 – 10
Thursdays 11 – 10
Fridays 11 – 3
Saturdays & Sundays 11 – 7.

Please note that on days when we’re open until 10, we have community meditation and savasna time between 3 & 4.  And we will be closed December 25th through January 3rd.

Happy Shopping & Gift Giving…

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