Hostess Treats that Beat Regifted Wine

Hostess Treats that Beat Regifted Wine

Check out the lovely photoshoot Racked did to feature “27 Holiday Hostess Treats that Beat Regifted wine.

And then after you’ve had all your holiday sugar highs, let us know what you think we should have next year…we always love facebook messages for such suggestions.



We had several items make the cut.

Bang Candy  Sparkle Bark and Dark Bark (the two will put ordinary peppermint bark to shame)

Bang Candy Syrups (with lots of varieties, but the red ones are is so festive)

Theodent Toothpaste (that works miracles for your teeth thanks to an enzyme found in chocolate)

Peppermint Crunch balls from Hammonds (seriously the crunch on these are awesome)

and Cinnamon Coal Candy also from Hammonds (who’s been around since 1920 making confections in Denceber Colorado)






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