Hornbaek Jacobsen Rain Boots for NYC Men

Hornbaek Jacobsen Rain Boots for NYC Men

So you’re a dude and you’ve realized the women are kind of smart putting on a pair of wellies for when you’ve got puddles to battle.

And now maybe you’re thinking about a pair of Bean Boots or Hunter rain boots for men.

Well before you go doing that come try on a pair of Horbaek Jacobsen rubber rain [and snow] boots for men.


They’re from Denmark and you can hardly find them anywhere else in NYC.  Heck you can barely find them by google searching.  And here are a couple of reasons why they’re great.

a) they’re made in Europe of quality craftsmanship..

b) they’re made of natural rubber – which is part of the reason they’re higher quality

c)  they’re lined with cotton and have a wool felt sole to give some insulation.


In other words  trust the people of Denmark who have to live in a cold, damp, wet climate much of the year, and also ride a lot of bikes to work – that these are a good boot to choose for New York City’s wet fall, winters, and springs.





* Please note that we know the Chinese factories can and do produce lots of quality products .  But right now we’re not so confident about their rainboots.  The material compound used tends to be of much more man-made material (ie lots of plastic and other petroleum product as opposed to natural rubber from rubber tree sap)   Thus far we haven’t found Chinese made rainboots that we think have a good chance of lasting more than 2 years without cracking and splitting*



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