Fine & Raw Chocolate Valentines Sets in 2015

Fine & Raw Chocolate Valentines Sets in 2015

Very excited for these boxes of chocolates to arrive today!

We consider Fine & Raw as one of the original Brooklyn chocolatiers, and in the “raw” chocolate world, our taste buds tell us they lead the pack.

Lots of people constantly ask us how we find all the many products we are oh so passionate about.  And while I go to the majority of trade shows that happen in NYC, alot of times I know that I can trust my loyal customers when they share with me products they’re passionate about.

And when a NYC school teacher told me she pays the money she does for Fine & Raw, despite her underpaid school teacher salary, I knew it was chocolate I had to investigate.

For people who aren’t quite sure what “raw” chocolate is this is what the gang and Fine & Raw say.

“Raw chocolate is a reverence for creaminess, possibility and ecology. Creativity, innovative play, laughter and movement are the infused flavors.

Some say raw chocolate is the quintessential chocolate experience. Others say it’s an artisan craft, a superfood, the perfect wine/coffee/tea pairing, an aphrodisiac, an amuse bouche, a health food, a whole food, a tongue ceremony. We say yummmm, art, music, dance party, stars, dreams, hopes, parallel universe, science, non-sensical thought, intuition, wisdom, adventure, growth, yes, yes, yes, liberation, rebellion, art, soul, freedom, jazz, you, me, us, connection…”

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