Filson Duffle Looking GQ Stylish

Filson Duffle Looking GQ Stylish

Is Filson now for hipster?  Are their bags really just for outdoors mens?  Or can every guy look fantastic with a Filson bag.


Yes, you might think there’s a strong, outdoors men quality to a Filson, but we like to think of them as perfectly styled for the adventurer – like Indiana Jones, who was always pretty well dressed.

So check out this Men’s Health guide to style featuring Amé Amé’s awesome Filson Duffle Bag with a man wearing Tommy Hilfiger Blazer, Hamilton Shirt, Gap Jeans, Thomas Pink Handkerchief, Filson Duffle, Cole Haan Shoes


And for those rainy days when you don’t want to ruin your dress shoes, we’ve still go some Aigle Chelsea Jodphurs.



Aigle Chelsea Jodhpurs



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