Filson & a Little Girl’s Dream

Filson & a Little Girl’s Dream

When I was in fifth or sixth grade the little Washington Pride gift shop inside the Whidbey Island Navy Exchange had brought in some Filson bags and hats.

I remember vividly admiring them with my dad and thinking  “Someday I want to buy my dad a Filson bag and own one of those bags myself.”


About 13 years old in this photo with my baby brother and our dog, an arctic wolf hybrid


Fast forward to now, and I’ve got my own New York City travel, weather, and gift shop full of Filson messenger bags, backpacks, duffles, weekenders and now wheelie suitcases.

Filson makes sense for Amé Amé.

The style of the bags  embody adventure.  The durability and attention to detail of the craftsmanship embody long lasting quality.  And the twill canvas and tin cloth materials are extremely impermeable to rain.  It’s also hard to not appreciate a Filson bag as a gift.

Its really awesome to know that Filson is still making their bags in Seattle  with the same great quality and attention to detail one would expect if your motto is “Might As Well Have the Best.”  

Furthermore, I truly appreciate the fact that overall their prices aren’t totally ridiculous.  It’s an investment to buy a Filson bag, but it’s really not out of most people’s budgets if you acknowledge quality is better than quanity.  Plus I now  know it’s a good investment,  because you can expect their bags to age well and you can be sure they really do adhere to a guarantee that there products “will perform to your satisfaction.”

What are the bags I truly want in my own collection when the time is right for a nice little gift to myself…..

A Filson Wheelie Carry-on Bag – because almost no other wheelie carry-on that isn’t full leather has such handsome charm.    I can’t decide if I want tan or green, but I’d probably choose otter green

A Black Filson Tin Cloth Back Pack – because I think it’ll make for a nice day hike backpack.

And for everybody in my family I’d get the medium travel bag.  Just the perfect sized bag for a 3 day weekend trip.  And once again very simplistically stylish.

Oh yeah, almost forgot (because its currently sold out at Amé Amé), I really really love the Pullman bag instead of a suitcase for check-in.

Filson Wheeled Carry On Bag  in otter green ($545).  Medium Travel bag in Navy ($325) And alternatively a medium tan tin cloth duffle bag ($185).

Filson Wheeled Carry On Bag in otter green ($545). Medium Travel bag in Navy ($325) And alternatively a medium tan tin cloth duffle bag ($185).


 Last but not least Filson makes me proud to have grown up in Washington as a little girl.













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