FabSearch – Glossy Travel Tips from Stylemakers

FabSearch – Glossy Travel Tips from Stylemakers

I’m soon off to Russia  to find cool new things for Amé Amé and to study how people in Moscow and St. Petersburg express style, luxury, hipsterness, Russian culture and much more.

My expectations for this being a foodie tour are a little low for a number of reasons, but we shall see….lots of soups and enjoyment of dessert tastings are what i”m guessing my diet will be for 10 days.

Anyway, when I told one of Ame Ame’s regular patrons, who’s a regular world traveler, that I was going on such an adventure she told me I must check out FabSearch.com.

And of course, as if meant to be, there was a yellow umbrella designed into the art header when I first landed onto the page.


While I haven’t had a real chance to delve deep into the sight (I’m hoping to do so while in Russia), here’s what they say are the top 10 locations amongst their readers.




Top 10 cities to visit in the world...according to FabSearch

Top 10 cities to visit in the world…according to FabSearch


A couple of Decembers ago I had a wonderful adventure in Istanbul . I’ve been to London quite a few times, mainly because I had an aunt living there.   And my sister and I spent 3 crazy days roaming the museums of Paris when we had just started college.  And yes, we indulged in gelato while roaming the streets of Rome, after our visit to Paris.    As little girls we got to enjoy seeing our first wombat when we visited Sydney , however, I don’t remember much else about Sydney.   And so it looks like I still have a number of cities to check off the list from the Fab Search top 10 locations list.

Where’s Jose Ignacio?  ….Uruguay! ….Who knew? … Now  you and I do!

Adventure & Celebrate.

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