Easter Treats – Uphold Traditions & Break Norms

Easter Treats – Uphold Traditions & Break Norms

At Amé Amé we’re often getting people to break the norms in their tastes, in what they wear, in how they accessorize, and what they give as gifts.

At the same time, as part of the theme of Celebration at Ame Ame, there’s a a desire to uphold  the importance of traditions like those that surround holidays.

Memories that last with us tend to take root in our hearts and minds because of sensory experiences, and holidays tend to be filled with sensory experiences.  Visuals, smells, tastes, sometimes touch, and also adrenaline, like the fun of hunting Easter Eggs.

And I’m convinced the more happy memories we all have the happier we all are down the road.

Yet when it comes to holidays like Easter, it shouldn’t just be the kids who get to have a good time.  Us adults should take advantage of such holidays to treat ourselves and to treat some of the people we appreciate.

But don’t just gift ordinary gifts like chocolate Easter Bunnies.

A creative gift is most likely to create a longer lasting memory, and that’s what we like to help with at Ame Ame and we know we’re good at it.

Most adults will end up throwing away an Easter Bunny because they’ll never get to eating it.  But they’ll love our chocolate coconut haystacks and toasted chocolate almonds packaged in pretty easter colors.  And instead of a stuffed animal, a duck umbrella makes a useful gift that still brings out the child in us.




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