Double Take of These Two Dopp Kits Needed

Double Take of These Two Dopp Kits Needed

We are sooo excited to be making 2015 partially the year of the Dopp Kit at Ame Ame!

Our first order with Blue Claw was placed yesterday after personally talking with Blue Claw’s founder, Adam Bitzer.

More stories on Blue Claw to come, but today I’m just going to say that I’ve attended so many trade shows over the years, and Blue Claw is one of those brands I took notice of years ago.  In other words I feel confident to say that Blue Claw is one of the pioneers in new generation businesses hungry to make great products in America, and in particular one of the new generation of businesses focused on Waxed Cotton for bags and luggage.

As I do more deeper research on the brand we’ll find out if I’m truly right.

In the meanwhile, get ready to start to better understand the touch, feel and quality of Blue Claw by checking out dozen plus dopp kits that will arrive in the next few days.

And as part of the order you’ll be one of the first to see a gorgeous new leather dopp kit they introduced called the Groves Dopp.




I’ve recently been studying dopp kits intensely  and I am very excited to see this dopp kit in person because I’m sure its true beauty will match the beauty captured in its photograph.

Similarly, I can’t wait to see, feel, and sell to folks Stephen Kenn’s leather dopp kit for folks who want leather goods that have clear modern sophistication with a touch of military heritage.

These are two dopp kits that I am sure will cause double takes, and are going to be hard to choose between.


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