Cutest Earmuffs

Cutest Earmuffs

Lots of smiles & some new friends made – 99.99% guaranteed on these!

Why spend $65 on UGG Earmuffs or $55 on Ted Baker Faux Fur Ear Muffs, when you can get ear muffs that will make every person smile because you look just way too adorable.

And whether you spell it Earmuffs or Ear Muffs (two words), we know your ears are going to be pretty darn warm with these.

Also who says bunny earmuffs can’t be worn by boys or men either?

These are $49 a pair – with options in pink faux fur and white faux fur.  And they make for really great gifts because so often times girls and women don’t treat themselves to nice earmuffs even though they really would love owning a pair.

Our designers went above and beyond on designing these because they added the stylish  “gold” chain detailing a long the headband part.  (So often I have tough time buying earmuffs for the store because often times the headband part is not as elegant or stylist as I would like it to be)

Hurry in to buy these as we just have boutique stock level.  Once sold out we may not be able to reorder.

Order by phone: 646-867-2342…these are not listed on our ecommerce site so you have to call & actually talk to a real person like my self.  You can text if you feel more comfortable, but then we’ll give you a call.

Teresa Alexandra




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