Check Out His Dopp Kit

Check Out His Dopp Kit

My love for a beautiful dopp kit started way before I loved umbrellas.  It started when I was a little girl  because I was daddy’s little girl.  And as daddy’s little girl I would join dad as he shaved.  Sometimes I would even put shaving cream all over my face and use a comb or double edge reusable razor with no blade inside it, and pretend to shave along with dad.

And always, and as I joined my dad with his morning ritual I would love exploring what was inside his dopp kit.  But it just wasn’t the fun of looking inside his dopp kit as if it were a bathroom “treasure chest.”  It was the beauty of its chestnut leather and elegant, simple design that really made me fall in love with  exploring Dad’s dopp it.  The same with my grandfather’s dopp kit (ie my father’s father’s dopp kit).

Every man should have a dopp kit.  In fact I don’t know why it isn’t ritual today that every young man not get a handsome dopp kit along with his first razor.  How stylish the world could be if just as boys are supposed to get the “birds and the bees” talk they also  got a lesson in the value of having nice things.

But since most guys didn’t get that lesson when they were 13,  there’s probably a good chance your man still doesn’t have a nice dopp kit.

Thus a nice dopp kit makes an amazing present, because much like a nice umbrella, many men don’t want to treat themselves properly to a nice dopp kit even though it’s such an essential item.

And of course just like umbrellas, dopp kits are something a person should travel with.  …..and now with more stringent suitcase rules every man needs not just a standard size dopp kit for keeping his things organized at home, he probably also needs a secondary smaller one for when he actually travels.

And therefore, I’ve decided that this year while Ame Ame continues to grow our offering of stylish windproof umbrellas for men and women, and continues to venture into other product categories perfect for a life of adventure and celebration, it makes sense that we focus heavily on finding and stocking the best dopp kits for your travel and adventure needs

In the meanwhile, while we source for this collection, be a spy and check out what dopp kits the men in your lives have right now.

A & C,

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