Candy for Non-American Tourists

For the tourists who come from other continents we really think it’s a shame to not indulge your taste buds and your inner child with a sampling of confections quite unique to North America.

We’re not talking about the candy stuff you find in Duane Reads and grocery stores, we’re talking about high quality and distinctive treats..

And we’re not talking about chocolate bats and chocolate pieces because truthfully, great chocolate is great chocolate and can be hard to “wow” somebody with a unique experience.

Plus, everybody should have the thoughtful tradition of bringing back something enjoyably edible from their travels for their work colleagues or school mates to try.

So here are 3 recommendations we have to visit Amé Amé for.

1) Chocolate Grizzly Gummy Bears (TM)













Special gummy bears dipped in a high quality milk chocolate
(watch out – a sub-par version of chocolate covered gummy bears are more common else where)

2) Blackberry Candy Corn & Juju Candy Corn







Candy corn is quite distinctive to the U.S. and Canada…..but to bring back something extra distinctive, in case some of your friends have already tried traditional candy corn we recommend these two.

3) United Colors of Gummy Bears (TM) & Magic Gummy Bears (TM).


Make your friends realize that gummy bears in another country are not like gummy bears in their home country. Our United Colors of Gummy Bears collection has 12 special flavors they are are made in the US.


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