Cafe China – A Great Chinese Restaurant for a Birthday

Cafe China – A Great Chinese Restaurant for a Birthday

If I were to do a Chinese restaurant, I don’t know how I would do it any differently than Cafe China.

Being in the restaurant almost feels like a time travel with its 1930s Shanghai Decor, and just like at Ame Ame, you’ll probably enjoy seeing the old typewriters.  (The blue-green walls are also very similar to an apartment I once lived in for many years and some how has a very special affect on one’s mood.  )



A few years back I was introduced to the restaurant when invited to celebrate the birthday of my friend, architect, and photographer Adam Elstein, and then later on I hosted my own birthday there.  They have a terrific big table in the back that can probably seat at least 12 people for a diner of passing around dishes and sharing food.

And now the new location of Ame Ame is quite close to the restaurant so it’s very easy to do a little shopping at Ame Ame and then head over to Cafe China for dinner or just a drink at the bar.

Some of the Sichuan food dishes can be spicy but all of it is a wonderful food adventure especially enhanced by the charming mix of dishes used instead of uniform white plates, bowls and cups.







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