Bettheny Frankel is a Candy Connoisseur!

Bettheny Frankel is a Candy Connoisseur!

Yesterday was such an awesome day, not only did Linda Rodin bring a friend to shop at Amé Amé, but later on the candy jars of Amé Amé caught the attention of Bettheny Frankel.

I never knew much about Bethenny but partially because of earlier misconceptions I was taken away by how charming and down to earth she was.  Not a single bit of fakeness or snobiness.

So how’d the encounter go?

Well I was actually sitting on the outside bench with my friend Leila eating yogurt when she poked her head in to see what were on the shelves.  Not knowing who she was, I invited her to officially come in.  After she took a look at the selection and said that Amé Amé should provide the candy for the Soho House, I got the guts to ask her “Are you the famous Bethenny?”  And of course she sweetly said yes.

Anyway, god’s honest truth, I was blown away by Bethenny Frankel’s discerning love for candy.

Better than any other customer before she knew exactly how to define candy by firmness and taste.  And she could immediately spot the shapes of candy gummies from a mile away.  Seriously she was the first customer ever to identify one jar as being filled with [cherry cola flavored] black gummy mustaches.  And she’s right, the green apple army men if turned a certain way, do look like green elephants!

And of course I almost have an immediate affinity for anybody who loves licorice.

Bethenny loves European black licorice but nothing salty.  When it came to our popular black licorice pretzels she wasn’t really a fan because of the “smokiness” that she described they had.  And you know what, once again she’s right, they do have a smoky taste.

Last but not least, two thumbs up to all people who advocate healthy eating as well as not starving yourself of the enjoyment of candy (or any other pleasure you enjoy).

As proof by the candy bags poking out of the top of her Prada tote bag, Bethenny Frankel isn’t lying  about enjoyably eating what she wants.







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