Best Thing Since Asian Sliced White Bread.

Best Thing Since Asian Sliced White Bread.

Ame Ame is on 29th and Broadway and if you go up to 32nd street you hit KTown.

While you’ll find plenty of kimchi, BBQ, and one my favorites a hot stone bowl of bi bim bap you’ll also find two bakeries that are exactly like you’d find in Korea full of pretty cakes and soft breaded pastries that are a fusion between French quality breads (think fluffy white breads with a hint of sweetness) and Asian flavors like red bean.

Last night I walked into Tous les Jours for the first time and with a friend who had never been to Asia.

And as classic American (though Dave really isn’t Classic because while a Wisconsiner he has lived in New York City for years) Dave was thrown off a bit by the foreignness of the place and couldn’t find anything to appease his dessert desire [for a chocolate truffle].

So we left empty handed.

This morning I decided to return to see if I would enjoy the place on my own.

What’s interesting is that I grew up with bakeries sort of like this but in Japan.

And reality is there’s still something different about the experience in Tous les Jours and it’s competitor Paris Baguette.

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s Korean and not Japanese. If it’s because I don’t like the “high American prices” vs the prices in Yen. Or something else like I’m just not in Asia.

I’m curious to know because for years I wanted to bring this kind of business to America. So I am going to adventure with my taste buds over a few visits and let you know.

What I can say this morning is that I’m really enjoying the coffee with half and half. (I’m quite picky about coffee but don’t like super dark bitter coffees) And while I didn’t like paying almost $2 more than the East Village Japanese Panya for their sliced white bread I am at least not disappointed.

Reality is as far as I’m concerned the Asians make the beast sliced white bread and if you’ve never had it then you must go buy yourself some at Tous Le Jours (then come by Ame Ame and I’ll give you a 10% adventure discount on your candy if you have something from the bakery)

The reason why you can’t try it at Panya right now is that their bread slicer is broken so they don’t do the nice thick cuts that’s quite unique to Japanese and Korean bread.

Enjoy a thick, white bread slice plain and fresh.

Enjoy it with peanut butter.

Enjoy it with peanut butter and bananas. (Honey will probably make it sweetly intense)

And then toast it and enjoy it with butter and sugar sprinkled on top.

Then make a really thick BLT.

You may or not want to do an open face sandwich because the bread is thick.

And then let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoy Ame Ame’s first food adventure recommendation!



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