Be Even Better Than the Lumbersexual

Be Even Better Than the Lumbersexual

Are you one of those guys who’s been reading about the lumbersexuals going about town, and wondering if you too can have the sex appeal of a Moncler ad model?

Well let me as blunt as dull axe with you.   Most men can’t just walk into a store and suddenly be cool by grabbing a flannel shirt, a Filson Makinawa vest, and a pair of Chippewa or Redwing boots.

No, feeling sexy and confident from fashion and style only partly has to do with you owning the clothes.

Just as food really does taste better when made with love.  The same goes for clothing and other objects you own.  If you buy it with love then you’re going to look better when you wear it.

And at Ame Ame, our team of personal lifestyle assistants,  will work with you in store, at our partner clothing boutiques, or in the comfort of your office or home (or hotel room if you’re visiting from out of town), to make sure you really enjoy the process of shopping and finding what works for who you are based on the style you want to achieve.

Furthermore it’s not jut about picking the clothes with love.  It’s about making sure you  know how to be charming.  And as you go through the process of working with Ame Ame team members, you’ll naturally get to feel more comfortable about being yourself.  And feeling comfortable with yourself is the most important part of charm.  And charm is one of the most important parts of sexiness.

Starting at the early age, Teresa Soroka, the founder of Ame Ame, has worked with Apple executives, the CEO of AppNexus, the CEO of TinyCo, Blockbuster Hollywood screenwriters, and many more men who wanted some guidance on their style and fashion and choices.

And of course, thousands of people have gotten personal attention from her at Ame Ame on choosing the right umbrella they’re truly going to love (and thus not abuse and lose), as well as waxed cotton all weather Barbour jackets,  Filson bags for work and weekend get aways, and European made Le Chameau and Horbaek Jacobsen rain boots (all core essentials for a lumbersexual on a rain day)

So if you want to be even better than that lumbersexual guy next to you sipping his Stumptown or Birch coffee while you read this, walk into Ame Ame today and  ask for an appointment with Teresa.




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