Be Cheesy on Valentines and #ValueTraditions

Be Cheesy on Valentines and #ValueTraditions

V is for Valentines today.  V is also for Valuing Traditions.

For those still doing last minute Valentines shopping remember that without cheesy and old traditions you’d probably not have that memory of a homecoming or homecoming corsage and boutonniere.

Without such traditions you’d never have those grade school memories of getting Valentines cards from first crushes.





So enjoy Valentines for the tradition that it’s meant to be.

Have fun if you’re doing last minute shopping.

Give and Receive your Valentines Card and gift(s) with appreciation for the care and love they are meant to symbolize.

Value Valentines for the sake of valuing love.

And if you think Valentines is cheesy, then first ask yourself if you think love is cheesy.

Hopefully your answer is the best kind of love is cheesy love.



Teresa (no H)

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