Be A Community Connector & A Center of Culture

Be A Community Connector & A Center of Culture

Even when  Ame Ame was just the tiny “rain gear and candy” shop on East Village’s 9th street, it’s been part of the Ame Ame way of being to host memorable events, big and small, that would enrich the community and bring together people who might not ordinarily be brought together.

For Ame Ame  it’s really not just about being a store and selling product.  And no matter how big the store / company gets, I want it to always be known for hosting a diverse set of events that bring a direct set of people together.

Thus far, over the three years and two spaces, we’ve had three music nights (good beats & sweets), 1 comedy night (a chuckles & candy night)  , 2 live mural painting events, 2 book events, multiple trunk show parties to showcase local designers, several birthday parties for customers who asked if they could have their celebrations at Ame Ame (including a surprise cat themed party), an event to celebrate the survival of breast cancer survivors, and other shopping soirees to provide a night to busy New Yorkers to relax with a glass of wine and finally have time to just lose themselves in curiosity.

We also enjoy hosting private nights for companies to have cocktails and candy tastings.  (Employees seem to deeply appreciate it when their employers treat the kid that’s in all of us.)

So please let us know if you’d like to bring your community into Ame Ame for something special

Adventure & Celebrate,


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