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So here are a bunch of videos I’ve taken over the last year as practice and development and exploration of video as a form of communication for me to connect with and inspire as many people as possible and most naturally and effeciently for myself.

Below are a couple of different video styles and “personalities” of me that I’m sharing for the sake of being able to find agents, producers, brand sponsors, etc.  And To start to getingt feedback from friends.


If only I could find and post some of the videos of me from childhood – then this side of me (the person who enjoys being in front of the camera as my natural self) would completely make sense.


Upbeat, Charming & Flirty Teresa


“Friend to Friend Teresa”

Here are 3 videos all shot in one night….as video 2 & 3 I start to get more relaxed ad


Here are a few “Sharing is Caring” Videos – think of these videos as Teresa developing the Martha Stewart in her.

This is one of the first videos I did when I thought I would start to do some sort of Ame Ame TV

A little nervous in this impromptu, no re-takes video – I’m less relaxed then in the next video because in thsi video I’m talking about my own product, something that I’ve created and thus I have that natural fear we all get when we’re afraid about being judged on something we’re proud of.


more natural & relaxed in this video – super easy for me to talk about things by others that I really love. Again, Like all these videos posted here, this is a first time video of its kind. I’ve simply been experimenting over the past year. As I watch this what I would differently is try to make sure I smile more because at times it looks like I’m taking things maye too serioulsy…but of course for some viewers it can work relly well. ….but I do want to inspire people to be happy and relaxed.

“High On Life” Teresa – super charged with excitement, enthusiasm, and optimist – think of your favorite 8 year old who just doesn’t ever seem to tire and is happy and curious about everything.   This how I am naturally when there are no worries of money or if i’m love —  most likely 1 or 2 videos is all a person can handle for the morning or before going out for the evening – just like having more than 1 or 2 of a double shot of espresso can be a bit too much and most adults need a nap after playing with an  8 year old :)

One professor friend of mine, knowing that I don’t do drugs and I almost don’t even drink alcohol, had to ask me if I was inherently wealthy because that was what he thought could be the only explanation for my super attitude in life.

This video is the 3rd video of the lat two videos where I’m far more relaxed and without fears….and here in this video I express how I’d totally consider or actually want to be the first “Truman Show” person…..after reviewing this video I would defend myself as not being too super charged for normal people to handle and I hope it’s all totally enjoyable for everybody.   Below I share video examples of “Good Girl Teresa” which is like the girl I was in school delivering informative presentations and getting a bit serious where as in these videos and the videos above I like allowing my comedic self to express itself.


Speaking of Comedic – enjoy this impromptu selfie video I did (no tripod)


“Good Girl” Teresa – like the girl who’s giving a class presentation.  I share these for those who wonder if I’m manic.  Nope, just a ballsy typically fearless person whose natural tendency is to want to be different than others so now that I see people in the world taking things way too seriously I choose to balance all the zombie and selfish energy in the world with a very playful, down to earth person.  The fact is if you wanted me to suddenly switch to Good Girl – take things seriously mode – I can do so in a second.  And this is the way I express myself when I do want people to truly understand and heart what I’m saying or sharing.  I’ll be more this tone and tempo as well when I’m doing heart to heart talks or itnerviews with people sometimes




I (Teresa Alexandra aka Miss Ame Ame) love to adventure locally and to places outside of NYC and in other countries.  Here in these videos you get impromptu selfie videos of the cool restaurants, stores, events and other cool things I discover, seek out or the universe helps me find.


If you are staying at or anywhere near to the Nomad Hotel or the Ace Hotel (my two top recommendations for the neighborhood if anybody can splurge.  I’ve stayed at many 5 Star Hotels around the world, Japanese Ryokans, and the best hostels in cities like Montreal, Prague and Stockholm.   I’m not a vegetarian but I love tofu, salads and other healthy ways of eating as much as I love once in a while eating what I call “8 year old food” such as burgers, fries, ice cream, and donuts.  And then who doesn’t like quality nice restaurants?   so that’s where my P.O.V. comes from)

American Gourmet Deli
-for lunch or breakfast sandwhich lovers
– and awesome for old new york charm
– so support them buy also buying your water, beer and cigarette needs.


Favorite Food Places in NYC

Amazingly fresh bacon & super nice people


Here are a collection of videos from when Teresa Alexandra visited Austin, Texas in January 2016 after celebrating her friend Grace’s  wedding in San Antonio.

 Nice N Ful – part of my search for the best tacos not just in Austin, Texas but the World
A fabulously charming candy shop randomly discovered – Big Top Candy
– Austin, Texas
Fresas Tacos – Austin, TX
12th Street Book Store – Austin, TX – 12th street area
 Love Sneakers?  Love skate shops?  Then see my reactions to No Comply – Austin, TX – 12th Street area


For the Next Time – places that Teresa Alexandra spotted during her adventures but didn’t have a chance to really experience and would love a chance to review and checkout someday.  If you’v.e got a suggestion for a similar place or experiences that you would love for T* to try then leave a comment in the you-tube videos and be sure to follow. 

Bacon the Restaurant – Austin, Texas