This site is a work in progress.  It’s more of a beta-site.  And truth is it’s 100% boot strapped with no real budget, and pretty much only the work efforts of one single person who has always worn many hats her entire life.   From time to time, friends, interns, and other artists and game changers, step up to the plate and help because they want  some distraction from their own lives, and because they enjoy and value the reward of learning and also volunteering.

As a perfectionist I frequently feel insecure about things that aren’t perfect or that I know are regularly judged by people.

So all I  ask is that somehow you don’t judge this site too much, particularly regarding pages and posts where I start to express thoughts and feelings.  My mind and mindset are constantly being shaped as well as evolving.  What I say and feel today might not necessarily be “true” or “accurate” in the future.  I put true and accurate in between rabbit ears (ie quotations) because the fact is believing there’s one truth or accuracy is a very dangerous thing in most cases.  One minus one equals zero, and that’s about the only kind of truth that has just one truth.  But even then, we all know from 1984 that in some worlds 2+2 does not equal 4.


Anyway, enjoy.  This stream of consciousness About page obviously gives some clue that this site is not going to be like most other sites.

Teresa Alexandra

(The Girl With Many Names.)